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One Stop Recycling Centre

Return all your empty drink containers and used electronics to Mission Return-It Depot and ensure they are recycled into something new.

We are delivering the highest standards in recycling collection, promising a pleasant, fast and hassle-free experience. We accept all drink containers, and there is no limit to the number of containers you can return.

Five Star Return-It Depot

Encorp Pacific's 5 Star certification is awarded to depots that meet a rigorous checklist of facility enhancements, efficient operating procedures and outstanding customer service. The 5 Star Depot Program will assure customers of the best possible recycling experience.


Friendly Staff

Come visit us the friendly staff of Mission Return-It Depot. Members of different experience got together and deliver exceptional services to our customers. Our commitment to our customers is both professional and personal. We will continue to provide our customers the best possible recycling experience.

More than 10 Years of Experience

We have been in recycling business since 1999, which makes us one of the most experienced team in District of Mission. Since then, thousands of customers have placed their trust in us and that is exactly why both public and private businesses are relaying on our services.