Bottle Drives


Need Fundraising Ideas?

A bottle drive is one of the easiest ways to do as a fundraiser. Use these steps to stay organized and maximize your profit.

A bottle drive requires your group to collect refundable items, sort them into specific categories and sizes, and count them into bags in preparation for dropping off at our recycling location.
Step 1
Put Your Team Together
  • Form a team.
  • Choose a team leader for the drive.
  • Assign responsibilities for the following steps.
Step 2
Register Your Bottle Drive Account
  • Visit us and ask to have an account set up for your group.
  • or simply sign up online for an account.

Step 3
Establish the Best Collection Method

Neighbourhood Pick-Up

  • Drop off flyers in your community that ask people to leave their containers in front of their houses.
  • Then, when your event day comes around, simply swing by and pick them up.
  • Involves more volunteers and vehicles.
  • More convenient for residents.

Central Site Collection

  • Find a good central location such as school, church or parking lot. 
  • Then, let people come to you with their empty containers.
  • Involves less volunteers and vehicles but requires good promotion.
  • Less convenient for residents. 

Bulk Account

  • Anyone can come down to Mission Return-It Depot and returns empty containers any time for their support group.
  • When you return your empty containers to us, just let us know the name of your support group.
  • Your refund money will go straight to your group’s account until your group decides to take it out.
  • Involves less volunteers and vehicles.
Step 4
Spread the Word & Get Social
  • Have a reason for the drive such as helping in a building program or supporting a charity.
  • Print simple flyer and deliver to every home in your collection area.
  • Write a short announcement of the event and send it to your local and public service departments.
  • Get social - create Facebook event for your drive and invite as many people as possible. Don't forget using Twitter and email too! 

What information need to be in the flyers?

  • Name of your organization
  • Reason for drive
  • Date of drive
  • Time for collection (if you choose to do Neighborhood Pickup or Central Site Collection)
  • Collection method
  • List of what you are collecting
  • Telephone number people can reach your organization
Need More Help?
Visit Us for Any Assistance and Instructions

Sorting Tips:

  1. First, sort between non-alcohol beverages and alcohol beverages.
  2. For both non-alcohol and alcohol containers, sort them into different types - Aluminium can, plastics, glass bottles, juice boxes etc. 
  3. After you sort them into different types, start sort them into different sizes - under 1L & over 1L. (place 1L containers in under 1L group) 
  4. Now you are ready to put them into bags.
  5. Count each sorted containers and place them into separate bags and mark the total counts outside of each bag.
  6. Use cardboard boxes or extra strong bags for glass containers. 

Need More Info?

  • Visit our new location and we can help you setting up your  Bottle Drive.
  • You will likely need few bags for your Bottle Drive. Just come down to our location and we can provide you the bags.